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Odaois Foods

Odaios is a family-run Irish company that aims to be the first choice for chefs and cooks, providing their customers with the best food produce from around the world.

Citywest, Dublin 24

IPAG has been working with Odaios since its inception in 2002.

Odaios strives to provide and evolve their distinctive range of fine foods to match their customers ever-changing culinary demands and this evolution of products is echoed in the expansion of their website requirements. Throughout various upgrades in website functionality, IPAG continues to develop and deliver the Odaios brand online.

The current website incorporates a full product listing, integrated with their CRM, which allows customers to browse the full list of products, add their selections to an online shopping cart, and submit standardised orders that can then be processed easily and efficiently by the Odaios sales team.

IPAG is also currently working on a new project for Odaios, to automate the production of PDF product brochures (with multiple currencies, weights and price bands) driven by a customised translation App for an XML data feed.

Specific website features:

The Odaios website allows customers to browse and search the products they require, create an order list, and to submit standardised orders to the sales team. This allows the Chefs to submit their orders as they are closing up their restaurants for the night, and for Odaios to have their fresh ingredients delivered to them the next day!

Content Management System:
Using our Webinabox™ CMS, Odaios has full control over the content of their website, allowing them to make updates, additions and edits whenever they want to.

Search engine Optimisation & Google Analytics:
IPAG has implemented SEO campaigns for Odaios and integrated Google Analytics to monitor website performance.

Hosting Services:
IPAG also manages and provides website hosting, email and domain name registration services for Odaios Foods.

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