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Every project is unique, so there can be no such thing as one universal solution. That said, every craftsman relies on the specialist tools of their trade, and every master craftsman will settle only for the tools that they themselves have created. At IPAG, we are no different.

Webinabox™ is our modular Content Management System (CMS) that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Based on a powerful SQL platform and delivered in .NET, Webinabox™ provides a stable and easy to use content management system for your website or online software solution.

Utilising a flexible XML based template system, and capable of handling plain text, html, images, multimedia uploads, PDF & MS Word documents, Webinabox™ is, by default, deployed on any of our website development projects that require content management (all of the content and layouts on this site are controlled using it!). Using intelligent contextual input fields, Webinabox™ can accept either standard text and carriage returns, simple html or even complex tables. With its inline html editor (that will feel familiar to MS Office users) anyone can add and control advanced content.

Full user control, including encrypted user accounts, allow one super administrator to assign different rights and privileges to different users across the range of tools deployed. Meta tags, search terms, file size restrictions and dynamic cross-linking are all easily managed - all within a standard internet browser on your mac or pc.

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